Hand Holding Moxibustion Scraping Pot High Quality Ceramic Material Moxa Stick Burner Cup Warm Compress Acupunture Therapy


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Hello, welcome to our company. Please believe us that only moxa products made of high-quality natural wormwood leaves dare to mark the real proportion for sales.

5: 1 means that 5kg of pure wormwood leaves are crushed to produce 1kg of moxa. The higher the proportion, the higher the temperature during combustion, and the better the penetration effect. The higher the proportion, the lighter the Artemisia argyi herbs smell, because the high proportion of the moxa, the wormwood’s leaves is shattered, leaving behind the essence of Artemisia argyi leaves.

Moxa is used to strengthen the immune system, to warm the body and to bring more qi and blood flow to an area.

Moxibustion needs long-term persistence to be effective. Just like reading, the effect of moxibustion, like knowledge, is absorbed by the body. The more moxibustion, the better for health

Moxa is used both directly and indirectly, depending upon the intended effects. It is used to great effect in tandem with acupuncture points, enhancing and maximizing the effects of the acupuncture needles. In this case a small ball is rolled and place on the head an acupuncture needle and ignited. It burns for about 20-30 seconds until it extinguishes. This is repeated for a prescribed number of times.

Moxa is hot, which corresponds to heat. Therefore we use moxibustion to treat illnesses where there is a hot deficiency, or excess cool, such as certain types of cold or flu, or joint pain brought on by cold weather.

Moxa must never be used to treat illnesses where there is excess heat, such as hot fevers.

Moxibustion has the effect of regulating your chi and blood, plus warming and removing damp from your meridians.

After moxibustion, drink plenty of water, and after moxibustion, wait until the sweat is completely eliminated before taking a bath.


  • Brand Name: YUKUI
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Application: Body
  • Moxibustion jar’s material: High quality ceramic
  • The storage time of mugwort leaves: More than 3 years
  • Raw material: Wild wormwood leaf; Chinese mugwort; Folium artemisiae argyi
  • Feature: Safe and easy to use; Eco-friendly; Can be used for a long time without damage
  • Moxa roll’s length: About 27mm
  • Moxa roll’s diameter: About 18mm
  • Using effect: Relieve body pain, Keep healthy;Sleep improvement; Warms the uterus and relieves pain
  • Scope of application: Warm massage; Moxibustion; Scraping; Hot compress; Eliminate odors in the room

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